This comprehensive learning programme will equip staff at all levels with the understanding and skills to implement equality & diversity and community cohesion strategies in their own work and across their institutions.

This course consists of a number of drama videos depicting scenarios that might occur in the learning and skills sector.  The videos stimulate discussion about how to deal with such incidents.  A comprehensive set of trainer's notes provide all the guidance required to use these videos for staff development sessions.

This interactive programme is designed to help staff in the sector to understand the implications of age equality as set out in the Equality Act 2010.

This is an innovative training and development resource aimed at supporting providers in the Learning and Skills sector in extending their equality practices to include trans gender equality.

This course is designed to raise the issue of sexual orientation equality for leaders in the FE system.

Visible and valued contains seven learning modules, each dealing with a different aspect of sexual orientation equality, from challenging inappropriate behaviour to promoting positive attitudes.