Welcome to this programme of four learning packages on embedding maths and English in apprenticeships. 

The modules will provide practical strategies and resources to make the task of teaching maths and English in the workplace much more achievable and effective. They will help to motivate and engage apprentices by relating maths and English to workplace practices relevant to their interests, improving learning outcomes and enabling a successful return on apprenticeships investment and growth of a skilled workforce.

The training is suitable for assessors, work-based supervisors, mentors, trainers, instructors, employers and managers. Each learning package is independent so you can choose which are most appropriate for your needs.

A recording of the Embedding Strategies webinar associated to Module 1 is now also available to view together with the presentation and a padlet with additional resources.




How to work towards an embedded approach to the delivery of maths and English in apprenticeships

How to find and use appropriate resources for an embedded approach, including resources to upskill your staff involved in apprenticeship delivery

How to identify appropriate assessment methods for effective embedding

How to support inclusivity for the effective delivery of maths and English in apprenticeships