Welcome to the online T Level Professional Development offer delivered by the Education and Training Foundation. The offer is intended to support the needs of staff in those providers soon to be delivering T Levels.

The offer includes five strands that will support teachers and a range of other roles, as well as creating the conditions for middle tier leaders to increase understanding of the qualifications across the workforce and lead effective change management. 

Some of this online support is also relevant to technical/vocational teaching more generally, such as Apprenticeships training.

Use the links below to access online support for different areas of the T Levels offer, or the link on the right to see the whole portfolio of Education and Training Foundation support.

Assess your strengths and professional development needs to help you prepare for delivering T Levels.

Assess your organisational strengths and needs to help your organisation get ready to deliver T Levels in 2020 and beyond.

Increase your understanding of T Levels to:

  • Understand the implications for your role
  • Enable you to advise young people on what T Levels are and what the potential benefits are.

A suite of online training enabling teachers to embed these skills into their technical teaching.

Recent innovations in teaching pedagogy.

Subject specialist teachers talk about how to teach particularly tricky parts of the curriculum and sets of teaching and learning resources are identified to support each pathway and route.

Practical advice from employers and education and training professionals on ensuring industry placements deliver this integral element of the learner experience.

An online programme covering the basics of how to teach technical subjects.

A downloadable guide.

The purpose of the e-learning sessions is to guide you through the first stage of planning for T Levels in your organisation, focusing on the change process. Each e-learning session will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

Essential input, training and support  for governors, trustees and governance professionals to lead their organisations through important strategic changes ensuring effective T Level planning, implementation and delivery.

There are four e-learning modules, each of which will take you approximately 45 minutes to complete.