These two programmes are becoming dated and hence are getting towards the end of their life cycle. The ETF plans to archive all the courses in this area early in 2020.

All the ETF digital courses available online are listed below in two categories:

  1. Improving your personal digital skills
  2. Applying digital skills in teaching and learning

Improving your digital skills

These courses are designed to help you improve your digital skills either through the 'improving skills' course or allowing you to get 'just-in-time' tutorial support to help you with a particular task.

Applying your digital skills in teaching and learning

These courses are designed to help improve your digital skills, building your confidence to use technology in the classroom, workshop or virtual learning environment. Although aimed at those who may have experimented with digital tools for personal development/use and now want to further develop their skills and apply them in the classroom, they can be used by those who are tech curious who might be new to one of the fields covered.

They are delivered online with tutor support details of which will be provided on enrolment.

If you had already enrolled on one of these courses before 8th May 2018 and want to revisit your previous work please access the legacy course area below.

This course provides a flexible way of learning essential IT skills for teachers and trainers in the FE sector.

This course will help you to develop your personal skills and offers ideas about how to use the skills with learners.