This self-assessment tool will help you to check your subject skills and teaching strategies in English and provide you with guidance on how you can improve these skills where necessary. 

The new version of this course can be found in the English pathways category.

These modules will support you to develop your personal maths or English skills at Level 2 with some extension activities to Level 3 in order to effectively support learners on GCSE courses or other programmes covering maths and English skills up to level 2. They also provide ideas and relevant information about how to approach teaching each topic and reinforce effective practice. Links are provided to other useful teaching and learning resources.

New versions of these modules can be found in the English pathways and Math pathways categories.

This self-evaluation tool is designed to help you gain a profile of your maths content knowledge. It addresses mathematical knowledge up to level 3 which is the specified level for anyone teaching maths GCSE or functional maths at level 2. The aim is to help you to identify which areas of content you may need to further develop in order to be confident to teach students at the level stated. There is also a pedagogy module focusing on teaching strategies.

The new version of this course can be found in the Maths pathways category